Stefano Sturloni


Stefano Sturloni has been an atelierista with the Istituzione of Preschools and Infant-toddler Centres, municipality of Reggio Emilia, since 1980.
Currently he works in the role of atelierista at the “Salvador Allende” municipal preschool, Reggio Emilia.

For Reggio Children he collaborates on the realisation of exhibitions, ateliers, and publishing projects, and on consulting and professional development initiatives, through participating in seminars and workshops in Italy and abroad.

Stefano completed his arts diploma, specialising in ceramics techniques, at Reggio Emilia’s “Gaetano Chierici” Art Institute, and continued his studies at Bologna’s Fine Arts Academy with a Diploma in Fine Arts, specialising in painting.

His research in the field of education, with a particular focus on approaches to nature and scientific thinking, have led him to work with several different educational institutions in Italy, and abroad. He is also the author of a book on this subject.

He has published several educational-pedagogical articles in specialist journals.

His work as a photographer has led to more than thirty individual and collective art exhibitions, and several of his naturalist’s photographs have been published in books and journals on the environment and on regional natural history.

He is a member of the Italian Speleologist Society and has published “Ipoesie”, a collection of lyrical poetry dedicated to the world of caves.
He has also worked in educational speleology and published several articles on the subject.

He is a member of the Italian Botanical Society with a keen interest in wildflowers and, through his notifications, collaborates on the updating of botanical maps in Reggio Emilia Province and Emilia Romagna Region.

With his interest in the natural sciences and the evolution of his native landscapes he has often led excursions for schools and families, and for various  groups and associations. 

He has curated several educational and professional learning projects with Reggio Emilia’s municipal Istituzione of Preschools and Infant-toddler Centres, and with Reggio Children