Digital Lansdcapes Atelier

The Digital Landscapes atelier invites us to explore an environment with analogical and digital tools and materials, and through their connections and interactions new worlds come to life.

In the Digital Landscapes Atelier, digital tools – such as computers, video-projectors, webcams, digital microscopes, graphic tablets – and more traditional materials like markers, micro and macro construction materials, everyday objects, mirrors, and Perspex structures, stand in close connections in the same context,  their interactions activating the kinds of exploration that take children and adults by surprise. What people produce in this atelier is fascinating in a scenic way, but also on the level of learning and professional growth, the result of active discoveries through hypotheses and verifications. Initial contexts point to certain possibilities, but are open to variations and in constant evolution.


The spaces, and the available materials, suggest we explore the border areas between optics and art, between marks and the 3-dimensional, between real and immaterial constructions, logic and imagination, between sound, image, dance, narrative and scenography. The invitation is to research new connections through a "contagiousness" that mixes all things, breaks down traditional categories and schema, and for us to become active constructors of multiple knowledges.


In the Digital Landscapes Atelier it is possible to work on different levels of representation at once, exercising ourselves to think in flexible integrated ways, between digital and analogical, abstract and concrete, virtual and artisanal. Technology does not dominate, does not replace, but integrates with other languages. The environment of the atelier connects multi-disciplinary explorations and know-how, generating learning strategies and new forms of knowledge.




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