Sound riddles part 2 - points of view on sounds



by Preschools and Infant-toddler centres – Istituzione of the Municipality Reggio Emilia, and Reggio Children


Points of view on the sounds in Playlist 1 of SOUND RIDDLES - part 1

Chiara, 6 years (Puianello, Reggio Emilia)

Mattia, 4 years (Reggio Emilia)

Gioele, 4 years (Novellara, Reggio Emilia)

Pietro, 6 years (Casaleccchio di Reno, Bologna)

Matteo, 6 years (Marcon, Venice)

Enea 4 years (Reggio Emilia)

Giulia, 4 years (Florence)

Leonardo, 5 years (Reggio Emilia)

Ana Sofia, 5 years (Mexico)

Adele, 5 years and Marcello, 3 years (Reggio Emilia)

Alessandro, 5years (Sarcedo, VI)

Leonardo, 4 years (Reggio Emilia)


SOUND-1 - Running in Puddles

Swimming pool - Children playing in the water and laughing - Children jumping in puddles - … Playing at the seaside - … kicking the water - … washing their hands, but instead of washing their hands they clap them and so they’re laughing - Water splashing - Water laughing - Playing in my grandma’s Jacuzzi bathtub


SOUND-2  - Plane taking off

Drill – Helicopter flying - A saw cutting wood in a carpenter’s - Plane - Firemen siren - Fire engine - Vacuum cleaner - Plane wowowowo


SOUND-3 - Bees in the Garden

Fly - Bee in a meadow flying from flower to flower - Mosquito - Fly/ Bee irritating a person - Moth


SOUND-4 - Bubbles in Water

Jacuzzi - Little fish making bubbles so the water makes a sound - Small lake continuing to finish up in the sea - Fish splashing in a lake and it is raining - Making bubbles with your mouth in the water - Drops of water falling from a little waterfall


SOUND-5 - Walking in Leaves

Austrian sleigh –-Strong wind - Opening a sweet - Someone walking in tall grass while the wind blows - Trees moving in the wind - Man kicking leaves - Someone cutting a hedge. The leaves move and make a noise - Little paper balls - Walking among the rocks


SOUND-6 - Fountain in front of the Valli Theatre

Waterfall - Children playing - Crunching of dry leaves - Combine harvester - Applause - A child with an umbrella out and it’s raining - Spraying Fountain - Fantastic lights - Seals


SOUND-7 - Dog Running

Eagle - Steam train - Panda bear - A dog panting - A dog breathing hard - A dog singing


SOUND-8 - Basketball Players

Banging stones - Fathers talking - A horse trotting - Playing ball - Child walking like a soldier - Beating of hooves - Paper burning


SUONO-9 - On the Beach

Seaside - Seagulls at the seaside - Birds migrating over cornfields and it’s windy - A storm, some birds, and rain - Seagulls at the sea’s edge, waves sounding on the beach… I want to go to the seaside!


SOUND-10 - Dry Leaves Crumbled

Walking in the woods - Waves - Someone taking hay and stones are falling - Something cooking in the pan - Digging in sand - Someone walking on twigs and dry leaves - A dinosaur walking


SOUND-11 - Blowing in a Bottle

Wind blowing in a field - Someone blowing - Someone moving a chair - Wind blowing… Nooooo, it’s an owl! - Blowing into something deep


SOUND-12 - Saint Prospero Church Door

A factory - A man going downstairs to go and get the train… and he misses it - A bicycle crashing - Window slamming - Garage door - 3 sounds: a whistle, drum, whistle - Wheel, a whistle, and someone going downstairs in their shoes - Old windows banging in an infested house - Refuse collection truck



The game will be continued...

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