A Colour Trilogy

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A Colour Trilogy
Temporary exhibition-atelier

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Marco Gerra Exhibition Hall

Loris Malaguzzi International Centre,

Via Bligny 1/a,

42124 Reggio Emilia - Italy


italian and english


A Colour Trilogy

Exhibition-atelier of photography - Authors aged 4-14


The children’s “game” became that of reconstructing the Italian flag by looking for everyday objects in colour combinations that represent the flag.


White is “a colour that waits”, sought out in lightness and tastes; a place of imagination inhabited by  probable/improbable inhabitants through the use of cameras and other interconnected tools – webcams and a microstereoscope.


The children discover red in the lips of friends; in the actions that create billowing in a long length of satin fabric; in red wine that is liquid, but dense with fascinating shapes.


Precious green, vital (to life, vita), is attributed to the beating of green butterfly wings and to the process of a plant’s growth.

Older children give fragments of colour found in urban landscapes to the Italian flag, perhaps a dead-end railway track, or a Social Centre. Their refined compositions of colour reveal hidden identities of the colour-material, gradually getting closer and zooming in. These urban traces, projections of their culture, are eyes that re-invent, re-interpretations of their surroundings, of their tricolour.


A project promoted by

Municipality of Reggio Emilia


Realized by

Reggio Children

Preschool and Infant-Toddler Centres – Istituzione of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia

Friends of Reggio Children International Association


In collaboration with

Reggio Scuola


Authors children and teachers in


Municipal and special agreement preschools

Salvador Allende

Choreia infant-toddler centre-preschool (Pantarei co-op)

Paulo Freire

Iqbal Masih

Bruno Munari


State primary schools

Madre Teresa di Calcutta

The Preschool and Primary School
at the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre


State middle schools

Enrico Fermi and Alessandro Manzoni
afternoon atelier included in the initiative
“I reggiani per esempio”

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