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For a Scaffolding

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Via Emilia San Pietro, 14

Reggio Emilia - Italy




For a Scaffolding

Site Specific Project


It is customary for the Municipal Infant-toddler Centers and Preschools of Reggio Emilia to explore the relationship between children and artists through creative processes that do not betray the identity or originality of either subject.


The last several years have brought numerous occasions for this kind of exploration: the Alberto Burri retrospective exhibition, the exhibitions “Alphabet in Dream” and “Fotografia Europea”, the project “Invitation to…”, all situations in which the children, within the context of art events in the city, re-elaborated some of the processes that the artists presumably followed.


These re-elaborations were then made public by means of exhibitions and catalogues that made it possible for viewers to admire these young and very young authors for their creativity and intelligence, and to make explicit the theoretical position of the Municipal Infant-toddler Centers and Preschools and that of Reggio Children on the relationship between children, art, and artists.


The renovation of the old market hall offered a new occasion to examine the relationship between children and artists. During the construction works, the facade of the building held four art installations created by students from the Brera Academy guided by artist Letizia Cariello, followed by a work created by preschool and primary school children.


The guiding theme of the works, proposed by Letizia Cariello, was the concept of “desires”.

In the first meeting with the children, we explored how they interpret this concept and how they are able to extend it to a general situation, beyond their own direct experience.


Subsequently, children went in groups to see the scaffolding and the work site of the market hall, comparing ideas and commenting on the identity of the place, then collectively designed a work that would connect the place to the concepts of desire they had expressed.


Of the various projects proposed by the schools, the one chosen for the scaffolding was designed by children from the preschool and primary school of the Loris Malaguzzi International Center: a large visual theory, “the perfume girl”, a synthesis of how children inhabit the space, how they sense it and in turn are affected by it. The perfume that enters and leaves the girl’s body becomes a metaphor for a collective desire and a shared well-being, the thread connecting the children and the city.

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