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Reggio Children s.r.l.

Loris Malaguzzi International Centre

Viale Ramazzini 72/A – C.P. 91 Succursale 2

42124 Reggio Emilia – Italy


tel. +39 0522 513752

fax +39 0522 920414






Reception opening hours and visit:
From Monday to Friday
10,00 a.m. – 5,00 p.m.



The Loris Malaguzzi International Centre will be closed on the following dates in 2019:
April: from Saturday April 20 to Sunday April 28 (Easter time and National Holiday)
August: from Saturday August 10 to Sunday August 25
December: from Tuesday December 24, 2019 to Monday January 06, 2020




I would like to visit the schools in Reggio Emilia and the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre. How can I do that?


You can visit the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre in one of two ways: free visit as an individual or as part of a guided tour for groups of at least ten people.

The visit includes the possibility to see the exhibitions and ateliers of the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre and the Documentation Centre.

Click here for more information.


Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming number of requests it is no longer possible to visit the municipal infant-toddler centers and preschools unless you are part of a Study Group organized by Reggio Children.


For information on the upcoming Study Group dates, please go to the Professional Development section. Click here for more information.


How do I apply for an internship in the municipal infant-toddler centers and preschools of Reggio Emilia and/or with Reggio Children?


The infant-toddler centers and preschools are managed by the Istituzione Scuole e Nidi of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia. You can consult the website for further information:


To apply for an internship with Reggio Children, please write to



I would like to request information for completing a research project / thesis.


On the website, you can download informational materials free of charge as well as the publishing catalogue with the resources that can be purchased by e-mail at


The Documentation and Educational Research Center at the Malaguzzi Center has a collection of publications, materials, and documentation produced in the municipal infant-toddler centers and preschools starting from the 1970s, all available for consultation.


We are not able to respond to specific questions or requests sent by e-mail.






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