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The Many Faces of the Assembly

The children of the Iqbal Masih Preschool choose to depict and describe the morning assembly to explore the human figure, interweaving the languages of clay, drawing, and photography. The video follows threads of research, the children’s explorations in the boundary zones between different languages, making visible thoughts and competences that develop in these important crossings.


Concept, video filming, montage and motion graphics: Sara De Poi, Mirella Ruozzi

Publishing project: Ilaria Cavallini, Sara De Poi, Consuelo Damasi, Vea Vecchi

Booklet graphic design: Rolando Baldini, Mali Yea English translation by Leslie Morrow


2017, DVD, running time: 45’
PAL ISBN 978-88-87960-94-5 NTSC

ISBN 978-88-87960-95-2

Italian audio with English subtitles

Euro 25,00

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The human figure multiplied

The Human Figure Multiplied examines the theme of representing the human figure, through a weave of drawing, clay, photography and digital, investigating how this weave might change traditional processes of representation to inform children’s creative thinking.