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Participation is an Invitation

This video was created for the 2012 edition of the international photography festival Fotografia Europea, and collects words and ideas of children about community, citizenship, participation, migration, rights, responsibilities...
The children’s reflections represent a special opportunity to re-launch the themes of welcome, borders, and democracy in other contexts too, and we hope to elicit new stories and new occasions for listening.

Concept, video filming and montage: Sara De Poi, Mirella Ruozzi Booklet

Graphic design by Mali Yea

English translation by Leslie Morrow


2014, DVD, running time: 23’00’’
PAL ISBN 978-88-87960-84-6
NTSC ISBN 978-88-87960-85-3

Italian audio with English subtitles

Also available in Spanish and Portuguese

Euro 22,00