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23 February 2021, 4:30-7:00 p.m.: The Everydayness of art

Art interprets reality by offering new views, worlds and utopias that are often already the future. For this reason, we propose an idea of art that leaves the places representing it in the city – theatres, museums, galleries... – and crosses their boundaries: it achieves new spaces and projects, it spreads in the city, it enters schools to promote learning that connects different knowledge and to contribute to the construction of a thought capable of combining rationality and imagination.


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Schermata 2021 02 18 alle 23.23.15


Raffaella Curioni, Councillor for Education and Knowledge, Municipality of Reggio Emilia

Annalisa Rabitti, Councillor for Culture and Territorial Marketing, Municipality of Reggio Emilia



Claudia Giudici, President of Reggio Children



Applying art to educational and professional development processes: Palazzo Magnani as a platform available to the educating community (0-99)

Davide Zanichelli,  Director of Fondazione Palazzo Magnani 



Children’s creative processes in dialogue with poetics  by Olimpia Zagnoli

Elena Maccaferripedagogista

Matteo Bini and Simona Spaggiari, atelieristas

Preschools and Infant-toddler Centres – Istituzione of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia 


In conversation with... OLIMPIA ZAGNOLIillustrator



Trying to describe what we can’t explain  

Stefano Moriggi, Philosopher of Science, University of Milan Bicocca



As part of Not Any Place, initiatives for Loris Malaguzzi’s birthday


First meeting of the cycle Art as breath of the city

Poetic languages allow to investigate reality in an intense, sophisticated and imaginative way, elaborating new and unexpected realities. With the cycle of meetings that we propose, we would like to contribute to building conditions and sensitivity so that poetic thought can expand and permeate the daily life of our city.




Schermata 2021 02 18 alle 23.23.20