Research to describe the individual and common journey in the direction of new universes of possibility… in the attempt to define the vital effort that can bring together children and adults inside and outside the school. Because I am convinced that only this “attitude of research” is worthy of proposition as an existential and ethical attitude in our world which is so subject to change and fracture, to positive but also dangerous hybrids of race and culture.

Carla Rinaldi


Reggio Children, in collaboration with other educational experiences, institutions, government bodies, universities and businesses, both national and international, promotes research projects on childhood, education, and the quality of life and living of children and humanity in general.


Research is a concept that underpins the activity of Reggio Children, through a strategy aimed at generating new ideas, thoughts, and projects closely linked to the contemporary world: research as a way of thinking and of approaching the future. A way of thinking about ourselves in relation to the world and to life that is able to produce the kind of innovation that can only derive from research.



Research news

Winter holidays

The Loris Malaguzzi International Centre and Pause – Atelier of tastes will be closed from the 22nd of December to the 6th of January. We will open again on the 7th of January.

Study group fall 2016

It is available online the study group calendar fall 2016

Investing in early childhood

Research project carried out to evaluate the impact of the investments in early childhood made over the years by city of Reggio Emilia

The hundred languages of children in multicultural contexts

Investigation in the preschools of the cities of Reggio Emilia (Italy), Malmö and Stockholm (Sweden) on how a school of a hundred languages can foster the construction of linguistic, communicative, relational, and cognitive competencies in multicultural contexts.

Media, Children, and Families

An investigation on the role and significance of the media in the life of children from two to six years old and for the adults involved in their care and education


Study on continuity between the preschools and primary schools of Reggio Emilia

Project with Officina Educativa

A research-professional development initiative aimed at studying the services implemented by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia in accompanying and supporting the school entry of children of foreign origin and designing curricula that respond to the new educational needs expressed


Between sound and music

A two-year study (2007-2009) on the approach to musical instruments also with young children in scholastic contexts

Finding agreement: the example of writing

The research focuses on how children and adults investigate writing

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