Malkia and the “Children Village” in Dagoretti

A project organized by AMREF for the creation and management of the “Children Village” – a permanent structure that will house the activities of AMREF in Dagoretti, on the outskirts of Nairobi.


The center is conceived as a space to be used by the street children and includes a number of different facilities for rehabilitation, resocialization, and reintegration. It will implement activities specifically aimed at adolescent mothers and their children, with the aim to offer a place open to children and parents together and a point of reference for education and participation for the entire community.


In the initial phase, Reggio Children will provide consulting in particular for staff development – through on-site training courses as well as hosting AMREF Kenya personnel in the educational services of Reggio Emilia –, and in regard to the organization of spaces and the use of the artistic and expressive languages.


In collaboration with

AMREF Italia

Teatro delle Briciole di Parma – Solares Fondazione delle Arti





In conjunction with the project, Reggio Children published a book entitled Malkia-Regine, edited by Letizia Quintavalla. The book contains a summary of the theater workshops that led to the staging of the performance Malkia (Queen in Swahili), loosely inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s play The Caucasian Chalk Circle, and a pedagogical section contributed by Reggio Children.


The book is available in Italian.


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This book is also sold in Milan at the Libreria Linea d’Ombra di Milano, Via San Calocero n. 29.




Presentations of the book and the project


The series of presentations of the book Malkia – Regine begins at the Teatro delle Briciole of Parma, the first in Italy to host the performance The Chalk Circle .

Below are the dates for the events dedicated to those who want to know more about the project


OCTOBER 14, 2011

Sala del Munizioniere – Palazzo Ducale, Genova

Download programme in pdf

  FEBRUARY 22, 2011

Nido Scuola d’Infanzia Comuale, Via Firenze, 3/A – Boretto (RE) 

Download l’invito in pdf                                                      

  JANUARY 20, 2011

Libreria Feltrinelli, Via Ceccardi, 16 – Genova

Download the programme in pdf  

JANUARY 11, 2011

Libreria Feltrinelli, Piemonte, 2 – Milano

Download the programme in pdf  

  NOVEMBRE 9, 2010

Libreria all’Arco – Reggio Emilia

Download the invitation card in pdf      


OCTOBER 26, 2010
Teatro delle Briciole – Parma

Download the invitation card in pdf      




Performances and events




The Chalk Circle


Free adaptation of The Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht

by Letizia Quintavalla




Following the success of the play Pinocchio Nero, a group of young women from the slums of Nairobi directed by Letizia Quintavalla brings to the Italian stage a performance that, through Brecht, speaks about them, their hopes and their rights. The challenge of goodness as a “terrible temptation” in the Africa of injustice, of teen-mothers, of women without a future.


The play tells of the odyssey of Grusha, a kitchen maid in the royal residence, propagator of the revolutionary principle: “Terrible is the temptation to do good.” Following a conspiracy, the king, who was not a good king, is killed and the queen flees for her life, abandoning her infant son, who is then taken and cared for by Grusha. The author proposes a concept of motherhood that does not necessarily refer to a biological relationship. Hence the judge, with the test of the chalk circle, entrusts little Michael to the one who demonstrated the ability to raise and care for him.


The performances are supertitled in Italian.




Event archive


JANUARY 13 – 14 – 15, 2011

Teatro Leonardo – Milan

Performance of The Chalk Circle                                                       


JANUARY 12 – 13 – 14, 2011

Teatro Archivolto – Genoa

Performance of The Chalk Circle


JANUARY 12 – 13 – 14, 2011

Teatro Leonardo – Milan

Performance of The Chalk Circle for secondary school students. Free admission.

For information and participation, please contact Valentina Torresan al numero 02.54107566 o mail  


JANUARY 12 – 13 – 14, 2011

Teatro Leonardo – Milan

Performance of The Chalk Circle for secondary school students. Free admission.

For information and participation, please contact Valentina Torresan al numero 02.54107566 o mail    


MARCH 7 – 8 – 9, 2010
Teatro delle Briciole – Parma

Performance of The Chalk Circle

Download the announcement the announcement in pdf




MARCH 6-10, 2010


New Robi, an exhibition of photographs by Cuban artist Abel Herrero will be held at the Teatro al Parco during the period of the performance, and on March 6, Cinema Edison d’Essai will host the screening of three documentaries filmed by the street children of Nairobi (Sillabario africano, Brothers of Pen and Paper, and a behind the scenes look at the theatrical performance) directed for AMREF by filmmaker Angelo Loy.

  MARCH 6, 2010


The young women of the Malkia project meet their Italian peers of the Istituto d’arte Toschi for a dialogue on the rights of women, on theater and art as instruments of knowledge and identity, on Brecht’s play and its appeal to a more aware motherhood.







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