Expo 2015: Children Park between games and good habits

The Reggio Emilia world famous educational strategy inspire the thematic area dedicated to children and families The educational strategy at the base of Children Park, an area dedicated to children and families at the site of Expo Milano 2015, is the heart of the collaboration signed by Expo 2015 SpA and the Istituzione Scuole e Nidi di Infanzia of the Reggio Emilia Municipality (the Reggio Emilia Institute of Kindergarten and Elementary School) on November 27th. A place of play and knowledge, Children Park will offer a moment of relax and fun for all those who visit the Universal Exhibition in Milan. On its paths the children and their families will learn healthy lifestyles and good eating habits.

The Park and its theme is of the utmost importance for the Universal Exhibition, therefore Expo 2015 SpA has decided to start a collaboration with cultural institutions and government whose excellence in the educational philosophy is recognized throughout the world. Hence the agreement with Reggio Emilia, a city of great tradition in education, known for having developed the “Reggio Emilia Approach”, appreciated and applied all over the world, from China to the United States. This cooperation, signed by the CEO of Expo 2015 SpA Giuseppe Sala and the President of the Istituzione Scuole e Nidi di Infanzia of the Reggio Emilia Municipality, goes in this direction. To develop the project of the Children Park, Reggio Emilia will provide its expertise in the pedagogical and educational systems and the skills acquired in design and communication. Reggio Emilia and its educational approach will be alongside the Expo Milano 2015 during events and international meetings related to the family and the children’s education issues. Supported by a worldwide network of experts and researchers, the Reggio Emilia Institute of Kindergarten and Elementary School will give added value to the agreement with the Milan World Expo. The purpose is to define routes and occasions of game that will enhance the theme and the principles of the Universal Exhibition. The new generations, thanks to the discoveries and adventures of the Children Park, will become more aware of the great challenges of food and the availability of resources with which humanity must face.

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