Furniture design

Environments and furnishings for young children, in which pedagogical philosophy meets innovative experiences in the culture of design and architecture.





Play +


A collaborative project involving 28 international designers, teachers, and pedagogistas.

PLAY+SOFT furnishings cover a wide range of product types, including soft three-dimensional “landscapes”, micro-places, transformable seating, play structures, mats, modular forms, burrows and shelters.

The furnishings are designed for use in any place in the city inhabited by children, not only infant-toddler centers and preschools but also shopping centers, restaurants, airports, waiting areas, and other public spaces.


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Beauty is a right of children and all people, a right that is exercised in everyday life.

 This is the premise behind the project of collaboration and research between Alessi and Reggio Children.

The result is a table set that becomes very special thanks to plays of light and the child’s manipulation, evocative objects that foster a playful and sensitive approach to dining, seen as a moment of pleasure, a cultural expression, communication and relationships.

The table set is sold at the Reggio Children bookshop.


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